Who We Are

Andy & Okta

One of the greatest gifts that Life can give
Is a journey shared between two souls of matching spirit
Two souls in learning with no intent of stopping, in walking with no intent of giving in
Each one plotting the road to its own mind, while learning the map to the other’s heart
Each one following its mission, while leading one another to a common direction
Each one carrying its own weight, while lending a hand to lift the other’s load
Each one paving a way to light, while weathering the same storm
With Faith as the start, Love as the ground, the Lord as the guide
For in such a journey are barricades crossed, are dead-ends broken away from
For in such a journey does Hope grow, for in such a journey do two souls find a Home

a poem dedicated to Okta & Andy by Satya Puspitaputri

Carnivore VS Herbivore

You are what you eat! All happiness depends on it.
He’s a carnivore, she’s a herbivore. For them, it’s not a differences anymore as long as they’re sat on the same table with the same person everytime.

Carnivore Vs Herbivore

Backpack VS Suitcase

They’re both a travelmaniac!
He was a lifetime backpacker, no suitcase! For him, its a girly thingy. she was a suitcaser. But now, as they’re become a travelmate, he could be a suitcaser with his right hand taking care of her suitcase. And she could be a backpacker, so she can easily held his hand.

Backpack vs Suitcase

Diana VS Instax

We love photography!
“You could tell a stories from a camera. Take a picture, record a video, make some good memories to remember so we can have the evidence of life” – Okta

Diana vs Instax

You VS Me

At least we know what love is.. It’s like clouds love the sky, ocean loves sand, winter loves snow, snow loves breeze.. It’s all connected. It’s called unconditional love. It’s in our heart.

You VS Me

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